About The Council

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Council membership includes representatives from agriculture, forestry, recycling, power generation, state and local government agencies, higher education, research, and manufacturing and individuals interested in reducing the biomass waste stream or increasing economic opportunities for biomass. MBREC was created in 1998 and incorporated in 2000 as a nonprofit corporation. MBREC is the state's oldest member-driven organization dedicated to futhering the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Find out more.

What Is Biomass?

Biomass is any non-fossil, energy containing form of organic carbon and includes all land and water-based vegetation such as trees, aquatic and marine plants, crops, organic components of municipal solid waste, forestry and agricultural residues, animal wastes, and industrial wastes derived from any combination of those substances.

What We Do

MBREC seeks to provide information about biomass resources, research, development, technology, and use. MBREC encourages the use of biomass crops and waste for bio-energy, bio-fuels, and other bio-based products through personal contact with members, education programs, workshops and conferences. MBREC serves as a forum for building public-private partnerships, linking organizations with common goals, and increasing collaborations focused on building bio-based economic development within the state.

Uses of Biomass

Mississippi produces or has the capability to produce sufficient feed stock for building and sustaining markets for energy, fuel, and other products. The principal use of biomass in the state is in the wood products industry where it is used to make paper, wood products, landscape mulch, and as a fuel to generate heat, steam, and electricity.