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The 2013 session of the Mississippi Legislature has seen an abundance of energy-related measures brought to the consideration of the state's senators and representatives. A list of these legislative pieces includes:

  • HB 4: Compressed natural gas; revise manner of taxing that used in motor vehicles. Died in committee
  • HB265: Excise tax on gasoline and diesel; revise rate. Died in committee
  • HB 297: Credit for the purchase and installation of solar water heater systems.  Died in committee
  • HB 329: Authorization of a credit for new alternative fueling property.  Died in committee
  • HB 765: Natural Gas Vehicles for Mississippi act of 2013, create. Died in committee
  • HB 793: Refundable credits for the purchase and installation of solar electric energy systems. Died in committee
  • HB 841: Sales tax; reduce rate on sales of power and fuel to a producer of oil and gas for use in oil recovery or sequestration of carbon dioxide. Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 844: Sales taxation; exempt sales of power or fuel to certain enterprises for industrial purposes. Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 894: Authorization for the Mississippi Public Service Commission to establish a multi-year new generation rate recovery plan. Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 1134/SB 2755: Mississippi Public Utility Rate Mitigation and Reduction Act. Law - Approved by governor
  • HB 1161: Petroleum Products Inspection Laws of MS; extend repealer on definitions and penalties under. Law - Approved by governor
  • HB 1181/SB 2564: Energy Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund. HB 1181 Died in committee / SB 2564 Active, Conference report filed
  • HB 1266: Energy; modify and update energy code under which DFA designs and constructs projects. Law – Approved by governor.
  • HB 1281: Energy efficiency standards; revise for commercial buildings. Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 1296. /SB 2792: The Mississippi Energy Sustainability and Development Act. Senate version: Died in conference.  House version: Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 1420: Oil severance tax; revise distribution between state and counties. Died in committee
  • HB 1591: Refundable credits for the purchase and installation of solar energy systems or energy efficiency services. Died in committee
  • HB 1685: Mississippi Governmental Entities Natural Gas Vehicles Revolving Loan Fund; create and authorize issuance of bonds for. Law – Approved by governor
  • HB 1691: Bonds; authorize issuance for road improvements in oil producing counties & create income tax credit for new oil production jobs. Died in committee
  • HB 1692: Income tax; provide a credit for certain energy-efficiency improvements to property. Died in committee
  • HB 1698: Severance tax; reduce for 24 months for oil and gas produced from and after July 1, 2013, from horizontally drilled wells. Law – Approved by governor
  • SB2501: Energy efficiency standards revise for commercial buildings. Died on calendar
  • SB2564: Energy Infrastructure Revolving Loan Program; revise. Law – Approved by governor

In addition to legislation listed above, two dockets exist before the Mississippi Public Service Commission related to sustainability. They are:

  • Docket 2010-AD-2: Order establishing a docket to investigate the development and implementation of energy efficiency programs and standards.
  • Docket 2011-AD-2: Order establishing a docket to investigate the development and implementation of net metering programs and standards.

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